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New York Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn

New York Marriott Hotel

Undoubtedly, the hotel industry is one of the most sought after topics on a global level, there are millions of people daily traveling to other countries, states and countries, and many of them usually do it in a business plan, others do it in a tourist visit plan, and many others do it for family tasks.

However, it is very important for each person the comfort and reliability that the place of rest can have, and above all its security. I consider that there are hotels that are the best in the world, because many of these have restaurant service, gym, pool, bar, and many other things. However, it is important to note that as there are such hotels, there are also those that they do not have any of these services.

They are “On the way” hotels of those in which you only have access to the Wi-Fi and to the TV in your bedroom. Although many of these hotels have a great service to the public, many people do not pay much attention to this type of hotel because they consider that they do not have the potential to satisfy their needs, without knowing that these opportunities have a better service than Many high-end hotels.

One of the hotels that I can recommend is the New York Marriott in Brooklyn, without a doubt this has a very good customer service, its staff is very dedicated, so much that it almost makes you feel at home, added to that we have to this one has a perfect location. This one is located in all the heart of Brooklyn, generally this hotel has rooms almost 365 days a year 24 hours a day, it also has a peculiarity that is not always found in other hotels, and is that for many luxuries they have. Each year the hotel is renovated in order to provide greater comfort to the client, and what has worked all this, the hotel has a huge indoor pool, restaurant, and a large room within its facilities.

New York Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn
New York Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn

They have three types of rooms, the King room which is one of the most used, this has a bed, Wi-Fi access, mirror.

Likewise, we have the double room, which is perfect for those who travel with their family because, this has two very large beds, and Wi-Fi combing among other services.

Finally, we have the executive room, this is one of the most comfortable rooms, and it is perfect for those who plan executive interviews, or work meetings. It has a wide comfort that will make you feel at home, without any doubt; of the three room services, this has a much wider service. Inside the room, you will find a small table, to organize, eat, or perform administrative tasks; likewise, you will find a very large bed, and a window overlooking the city. This is one of most request services due to your comfort.

Those are the basic rooms, so to speak, or rather, are the rooms that are usually the most used, one of the three rooms that have more comfort are the Suite terrace; this has two bedrooms with one bedroom, a bed, a sofa bed, and a balcony overlooking the city. I consider this is one of the more amenities rooms. If you come to visit and plan to stay for a while you could try this room, you will feel like at home. After it, we have the vice-presidential, is a much larger suite than the previous one, although it has a single bedroom, inside it has a very large bed, a sofa bed, and has five bathrooms.

It is really a luxury suite, for those entrepreneurs who want to travel to know, or to clear their mind of everything that stresses them in the office. Finally, we have the suite that everyone wants to have, which is the presidential suite, this has a bedroom, a king-size bed, a view of the city, a minibar, and this is undoubtedly the most expensive but the one that has the greatest services.

New York Marriott Hotel
New York Marriott Hotel

This hotel is one of the most modern that we can find they have an application in which you can find the rooms that are available, and order from before you arrive in Brooklyn. You can find from the cheapest to the most expensive rooms, within it you can know when your room is ready for use; and how wonderful this app is that it works as a mobile key for your room.

You can ask questions to the workers, or in case you need something you can lose it from the same application, you can see the times you have visited the hotel, add your credit card to pay with it. This application is only available for Android and IOS, the name is Marriott Rewards, within it, you can also find discounts for your rooms.

In the case of the Restaurant, this hotel has two, called The Bar, which is only open for dinner, this being a luxurious restaurant, has a wonderful service, customer service, ideal to relax, all the routine environment that keeps you stressed. There, you will find drinks from the most economical to the most expensive, TV, and excellent attention from your staff; likewise, we have the Brooklyn Pantry.

This offers its services within the hotel for breakfast and lunch, you can use informal clothing, and inside this, we will find some baskets with fruits of almost all types, coffee, sandwiches and many other things, this it is a magnificent experience. Your gym is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you will find a cardiovascular training team, this service has been renewed, is equipped with weights of all kinds, gym classes are currently not available within the hotel.

Finally, we have that in its surroundings you will find a different world, you can observe a little nature which will take you to totally clear your mind, and it will take away all stress that you have, I hope you have the opportunity to visit it.

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