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Hotel Bossert Brooklyn NY

Hotel Bossert Brooklyn NY

In different parts of the world, hospitality keeps very interesting stories. In this article, we will tell you the history of the Hotel Bossert, which is located near New York, specifically in Brooklyn.

When this hotel opened its doors in 1909, it stood out for its quality of service, great facilities and was fashionable at that time. At some point, they began to make comparisons of this hotel with a nearby and very famous hotel in the city, comparing it to nothing more and nothing less than the Waldorf Astoria did.

This hotel was built with great finishes, wood was used as an element that gave it elegance, and subtlety, thanks to its builder, was a well-known logger from Brooklyn.

In principle, what his constructor had in mind was the development of a complex of apartments for different purposes, not as for a hotel itself. However, its design was so innovative and elegant, that many people considered it a great option that gave a very distinctive touch not only to Brooklyn, but also to the entire city in general.

Hotels Bossert Brooklyn NY
Hotels Bossert Brooklyn NY

Given this, the possibility of transforming it into a hotel was studied, since it had hosted major events in the city, including a World Series championship celebration, where the city team had been named champion.

Time passed and this building was constantly undergoing significant transformations, such as the construction of a restaurant called Marine Roof, which consisted of a concept of being a two-level restaurant that at the same time offered an incredible view to Manhattan. The restaurant was visited by local residents and visitors from not only the US, but also people from all over the world.

In relation to this, one of the most tragic stories that were lived in that hotel was developed. The same was related to n fact happened in 1945, when the governor of American Samoa committed suicide in one of the rooms, hanging himself (WTF). The popularity of the hotel remained for years, although many people already saw the installation with a touch of mystery.

Hotels Bossert Brooklyn NY
Hotels Bossert Brooklyn NY

The hotel became popular again in the 1950s, where it was projected as a luxury hotel and had very important guests, such as the team of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who had won the baseball championship for their archrival. , the Yankees.

Subsequently, this hotel was sold to a society still maintains many of its productive things as is the treatment of customers. In 1983, the society of Jehovah’s witnesses of New York began to lease spaces in the Bossert to be used for its different activities. In fact, he became such a good customer, that after 5 years of starting this employment relationship, this society ended up buying the Hotel.

After its purchase, it was necessary an intense restoration of the whole complex, if they wanted to comply with the rules of preservation of the preservation commission of monuments of the city, all because the famous restaurant Marine Roof had been collapsed, so it was necessary build a new floor.

In addition, the lobby was in poor condition, and more than 230 square meters of marble had to be replaced. Time passed and this building was still undergoing renovations. Therefore, at the end of January 2008, a company that owns the hotel announced that it would sell the building.

In this sense, the sale was carried out through a bidding process to private companies, where it was estimated that the hotel would have an approximate value of 100 million dollars, since a great combination of history, art and Majestic finishes throughout the construction. In fact, that was the amount the building was assessed and had many people interested in its acquisition. It was not until 2012 that the Society announced that the building had been sold to David Bistricer, of Clipper Equity and Chetrit Group.

Hotels Bossert Brooklyn NY
Hotels Bossert Brooklyn NY

After that, this hotel has been home to thousands of tourists who usually visit Brooklyn, mostly they have had an excellent experience. It is important to note that long before this company moved to the hotel after its purchase, the building was very deteriorated, its facade was in very poor condition due to lack of maintenance, certain finishes had been lost and there was a lot of work to be done.

The windows were old and did not seal well when closed, and the only diners in the restaurant were the pigeons.

In that sense, this society had time and money to lead an unprecedented transformation and remodeling in the whole place. Given this, volunteers from all parts of the United States collaborated in carrying out this task, which was completed in 1991, which accelerated the recovery process.

One of the things that had the most impact as part of the renovation was that the volunteers and staff involved in the renovation cleaned and repaired the granite and limestone from the exterior. They also replaced the terracotta cornice with a very similar one, this was fiberglass, a much lighter material, but good, in addition, they put new mahogany windows, in the same way the interior of the building was completely restored, and the hall regained its former glory.

To repair the marble walls it was necessary to get material from the original quarry in Italy and the plaster adornments of the ceiling that had been damaged by the humidity that affected the place, which were also renovated. One of the most difficult tasks was the restoration from the great iron columns of the vestibule, under many layers of paint; the columns had a Scagliola plaster (imitation marble).

But as no one knew the Italian technique to make this material, they had to look for information, being in the library of a nearby university that was found a book explaining the procedure. After reading it, a group of workers could complete the restoration of the columns, since it is necessary to remember that the hotel was built at the beginning of the century.

After several weeks, they managed to make them look almost like the originals. By the time work was completed in 1991, the Bossert Hotel had become a practical and attractive building. In fact, the building won the Lucy G. Moses Prize, which is awarded to those who have made an extraordinary effort to preserve historic buildings in the city, wonderful!

No doubt this hotel is, was, and will be a living relic, today is one of the best hotels that can exist in all of Brooklyn, since not only has an extensive and interesting tradition, there is very good attention and the service is very efficient. Its rooms have many amenities that you will not find in other hotels, it is structured in the old way, which can make you feel in previous times, and you breathe a huge peace. If you travel to Brooklyn you cannot miss this hotel, you will love it.

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